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LVD at EuroBLECH 2014 – Register NOW!


LVD will exhibit at EuroBLECH 2014 with the theme “Take the Lead”. EuroBLECH is the world’s leading exhibition for the sheet metalworking industry and LVD will feature its latest and most advanced sheet metalworking solutions for bending, laser cutting and punching along with automation and software. LVD offers process integration solutions from an electronic part to production planning and in-process quality assurance. A part of LVD’s EuroBLECH line-up will be an exciting new technology developed with Industry 4.0 in mind. As this manufacturing revolution gains momentum LVD unveils a technology that can transform a shop floor, giving decision-makers powerful, real-time insight of operations. Visitors will have the chance to see this innovation’s worldwide debut at booth Hall 12 Stand F50.  

Featured from our laser cutting range is the incredibly fast fiber laser, the Electra, equipped with LVD’s most flexible automation yet, the FA-L, which can unload a finished sheet and load the next within forty seconds. For the cutting of thicker materials, Sirius Plus CO2 laser equipped with Adaptive Laser Cutting (ALC) technology uses continuous feedback to increase productivity and assure quality by monitoring and regulating laser power, speed and assist gas pressure, instantly.

LVD’s latest bending technology includes the Dyna-Press, LVD’s super compact press brake ideal for the bending of small and simple parts. The new generation Easy-Form with advanced in-process adaptive bending  technology and an advanced touch screen control in an aesthetic and ergonomic design ensures more responsive operation and higher productivity. Finally, the ToolCell, LVD’s innovative press brake with an integrated tool changing system that significantly reduces press brake set up time.

Representing LVD’s punch press range is the Strippit PX with a 10 pallet automated material handling system, the Compact Tower (CT-P).  The Strippit PX combines punching, forming, bending and tapping in a single machine for complete work piece processing, including complex, three-dimensional parts. The CT-P provides full capabilities for loading, unloading, and storage of raw material and finished parts.

LVD invites EuroBLECH visitors to discover the new features of the latest version of CADMAN® offline programming software for punching, bending and laser cutting applications. LVD’s software presentations at EuroBLECH invite visitors to experience ‘Art to Part 2.0’. CADMAN is an integrated, PC-based CAD/CAM system operating in a Windows® environment. CADMAN’s automatic functions simplify programming and increase the productivity and flexibility of the sheet metal fabrication process. Integration of production processes further improves efficiency. LVD also offers the module CADMAN-JOB, software that helps users analyze and optimize their workshop’s throughput.

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LVD Offers New Model of Automatic Tool Changing Press Brake, the ToolCell

Gullegem, Belgium – LVD’s unique ToolCell press brake system houses all tooling inside the machine and automatically performs tooling set-ups. Due to increasing demand, LVD is now offering a 220-ton, 3-meter model.

A large selection of top and bottom tooling is stored in a tooling stadium/warehouse under the back gauge. An innovative gripper design built into the machine’s back gauge finger serves as the tool changer mechanism.

When a job is complete, the press brake automatically changes the top and bottom tooling as required for the next job. All tool stations are precisely positioned, eliminating the need for manual adjustments. LVD’s patented Easy-Form® Laser in process angle monitoring and correction technology ensures first part, good part bending accuracy. A 19” touch-screen display makes operation easy and intuitive.

Along with the new 220-ton, 3-meter model, LVD offers a 220-ton, 4 meter model and a 135 ton, 3 meter model.

Customer Success: See what PCS has to say about their Impuls Laser Cutting Machine

An LVD customer, Profile Cutting Service, from New Zealand tells us about their recent purchase- an Impuls laser cutting machine.

 Click here to see the video


Gullegem, Belgium — LVD Company nv announces the latest in laser cutting automation, designed for flexibility and speed. Handling sheet sizes from 1000×1000 mm up to 3050×1525 mm, the Flexible Automation for Lasers (FA-L) is now available on our Sirius Plus and Electra laser cutting machines.

Load/Unload in 40 seconds

Designed to work in sequence with laser cutting machines’ continuously improving capabilities and higher cutting speeds, the FA-L unloads a finished sheet and loads the next sheet on the table within 40 seconds. This is possible due to separation of load/unload devices working simultaneously, resulting in fast changeovers. Depending on sheet size, all or a number of suction cups are automatically activated. Other features include sheet thickness control and automatic sheet separators, ensuring lift of only one sheet of the intended thickness.

True Flexibility

With standard features and key options available, the FA-L is LVD’s most flexible automation yet. The FA-L can be fully integrated with an existing warehouse and an optional second loading pallet can help manufacturers get more from their night shift, as the extra loading pallet allows for production on two different sheet types and/or thicknesses. To fully protect a sheet from scratches, optional scratch-free unloading is an available option.

New Generation Easy-Form & PPEB Press Brakes

Gullegem, Belgium — LVD Company nv announces the next generation of its Easy-Form® and PPEB Series of high performance press brakes featuring a new, modern design that is more energy efficient, easier to use and incorporates added safety features. Aesthetic and ergonomic, the new generation press brakes also feature advanced control technology, servo drives and scanning sensors, ensuring more responsive operation and higher productivity.


Designed with the operator in mind, next generation Easy-Form and PPEB press brakes are more functional and user friendly. An optional LED lighting system illuminates the back gauge and front work zone areas to provide better operator visibility and increased worker safety. Status lighting built into the press brake ram covers offers a visual indication of the machine’s operation status, enabling more effective shop management for higher throughput.


The on-board LVD Energy Reduction System (ERS) intelligently manages energy consumption to ensure lowest possible energy usage in all modes of operation.

ERS technology reduces power consumption up to 45% over conventional models, making Easy-Form and PPEB press brakes the most energy efficient in their class.


The latest generation Easy-Form and PPEB press brakes employ LVD’s most advanced Touch-B control system, a graphical icon-driven touch screen control. The operator interfaces with the press brake using a 19” touch screen flat panel to make full use of the machine’s bending capabilities. Working with the Touch-B control is easy and intuitive no matter the operator skill level.


Easy-Form press brakes are equipped with LVD’s patented Easy-Form® Laser in process angle monitoring and correction technology, ensuring consistency from the first to the last part. Easy-Form Laser uses measurement at the front and back of the die to determine the exact value of the angle of the workpiece. The sensing devices transmit information in real time to the CNC control unit, which processes it and subsequently adjusts the correct depth adjustment in process to obtain the correct angle.

Easy-Form and PPEB press brakes are offered in multi-axis configurations to suit a broad range of bending applications. Machine options include front sheet supports, CNC controlled sheet followers, programmable tooling, CADMAN® offline programming software, among others.