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Adaptive Laser Cutting

Gullegem, Belgium – Following the success of Adaptive Laser Cutting (ALC) on the Impuls laser cutting range, LVD is now pleased to announce that ALC will be installed as a standard feature on all Sirius and Sirius Plus 4 kW lasers. ALC technology automatically optimizes laser cutting results in thicker mild steel materials.

ALC technology uses dynamic feedback to monitor and regulate laser power, speed and assist gas pressure in real time during the cutting process, automatically optimizing cutting parameters and ensuring a consistently accurate cut, high productivity and reduced scrap.

Unlike other process control systems, ALC does not rely on pre-defined parameters but measures and adapts in process to achieve the best cutting results.
ALC is ideal for processing thicker materials in an unmanned environment. In such applications, machine speed is often restricted to ensure reliability and account for potential variations in material properties, limiting productivity and increasing the cost per part.
ALC automatically adjusts to changing conditions, processing at the highest speed with the most efficiency and so alleviates the need to restrict or control the laser cutting system, providing up to a 10 percent increase in productivity.Consistently accurate processing also eliminates scrap or rework of expensive thicker materials.

ALC is available now for all models of LVD Impuls and 4 kW Sirius and Sirius Plus laser cutting systems.


Gullegem, Belgium – LVD Company nv introduces the next generation of punch presses with the Strippit PX-Series of 200 kN machines. The Strippit PX combines punching, forming, bending and tapping in a single machine for complete workpiece processing, including processing of complex, three-dimensional parts.
Designed using the Pullmax single head concept utilizing Trumpf-style tooling, the Strippit PX-Series provides high speed punching of up to 505 hits per minute on 25mm centers and up to 1650 hits per minute marking stroke. The Strippit PX-1530, the first model to be launched in the Series, handles workpieces up to 1524 x 3048 mm without repositioning in material thicknesses up to 6,34 mm.

The Strippit PX-Series has the versatility to bend parts up to 90mm in length with bends up to 75 mm high formed into the workpiece. Knockouts, louvers and countersinks are accurately produced. Parts art any angle on the sheet can be formed, punched, and bent. Parts can remain tagged into the sheet or dropped down into the 525 x 500 mm programmable work chute and conveyed directly into a parts bin.

The Strippit PX-Series features 20 tool stations able to hold any size tool, up to a maximum tool diameter of 90 mm. Any tool can be used anywhere on the sheet. All tool rotation allows every tool to rotate a full 360 degrees for total flexibility.
Tool capacity can be increased to a maximum of 200 tools with the addition of indexable Multi-Tools in 5- or 10-station configurations.

The Strippit PX-Series features LVD’s Energy Reduction System (ERS) which automatically reduces power consumption in all modes of operations. ERS lowers energy consumption by up to 15% compared to previous generation Strippit punch presses.

For increased productivity, the Strippit PX- Series is compatible with affordable, modular automation options including the Strippit PA auto load/unload system, a space saving device that loads and unload from one side or the Compact Tower (CT-P), a 6 or 10 pallet automated material handling system that provides full capabilities for loading, unloading, and storage of raw material and finished parts.

LVD Upgrades and Expands PPS Series Press Brakes to Offer Models in Capacities up to 320 tons

Gullegem, Belgium – LVD Company nv has upgraded and expanded its PPS Series of cost-effective precision hydraulic press brakes for increased performance to offer a wider range of models up to 320 tons in capacity.

Upgraded Specification

New, higher specification PPS models offer greater flexibility and performance with increased open height, stroke and operating speeds. PPS series machines are available with either LVD, Wila, Universal or US style tooling systems.
The latest models boast new style back gauges: from the standard X-axis back gauge with superior construction for better, more accurate gauging and a hand-wheel R-axis adjustment to the optional X-R back gauge, equipped with the same superior construction plus a programmable R-axis.

Increased number of models

The addition of higher tonnage models to the PPS series provide heavier bending capacities to suit a broader range of applications. This makes the PPS Series one of the most comprehensive lines of entry-level press brakes with machines from 50 to 320 tons and bend lengths from 2000 to 4000 mm.

Robust, durable and affordable

Available in 3- or 4-axis configurations, PPS press brakes combine a rugged, simple design and easy-to-use features in a value-minded machine that is ideal for general purpose bending applications.

All models include LVD’s touch screen control unit equipped with LVD’s graphic user interface, enabling quick programming of simple parts. The control is easy to learn and can be used by operators of all skill levels.

PPS models up to 320 tons feature a rugged, welded one-piece frame machined without repositioning guaranteeing machine precision. Hydraulic cylinders are machined from a solid steel billet. Pistons are steel forgings, precision ground and micropolished for years of trouble-free service.

Microprocessor Technology is linked to servo-controlled state-of-the-art hydraulics and electronics to ensure perfect control of the bending process and optimum precision.

Table sizing

Three new table sizes, 140 mm for Multi-V 70 mm square, 180 mm for Multi-V 90 mm square, and 250 mm for Multi-V 130 mm are available, depending on the model.

WCM implemented at more LVD manufacturing sites

Gullegem, Belgium – LVD Company nv, a leading manufacturer of sheet metalworking equipment for the world market, has been continuing its program of World Class Manufacturing initiative to improve throughput, reduce waste and assure product quality.

LVD has been continuing its drive towards a leaner and more cost effective production by rolling out its World Class Manufacturing program to more departments at its factories in Belgium, the USA and Slovakia.

Under the guidance of Peter Maes – LVD’s Director of World Class Manufacturing, the company is continuing to evolve its manufacturing practices and efficiencies following WCM principles and standards of the ‘house of lean’, 7 mudas, continuous improvement, 5S and many more…

“We are optimizing each individual step of our manufacturing operations to increase throughput, reduce waste and assure the highest possible finished product quality. The process of continual process improvement to create an even leaner organization is important for us to remain flexible and responsive to our customers,” explained Maes.

LVD Bend Advisor app update

#LVD is now offering its upgraded Bend Advisor app for smartphones and tablet devices. Now you can use inch units for calculations and quickly access pertinent LVD documents on the app. Along with the updates, the app provides quick access to helpful bending calculations to assist in press brake setup and part production.

The app puts key bending calculations at your fingertips, including bending force estimation and bend allowance and the ability to select key variables such as vee opening, minimum flange length and internal bend radius in both metric and inch mode settings.

The updated LVD Bend app is offered as a free download from the iTunes® store and the Google play store.

Download or update the Bend Advisor app now!